1. Nebula power attend the 121th Canton fair get high praise

        Taizhou Nebula Attended 121 Canton Fair from April 15 to 19. We showed a new model XY450U, 400CC liquid cooled gingine UTV. It was designed and manufactured b...

    Data:2017-04-24    Clicks:835

  2. Convoke board meeting, study and discuss strategy planning in 2017

        The 7th board meeting is held in the first meeting room on November 20, 2016, in taizhou nebula power co.,LTD., through which development strategy planni...

    Data:2016-11-22    Clicks:847

  3. The first culture festival finishes successfully

    In the morning of November 19, 2016, the first cultural festival is held in factory. There are totally four single competition events(gobang, chess, table tennis,badminton)...

    Data:2016-11-20    Clicks:949

  4. Acquire EPA and EEC certificate

    Warmly  congratulate to new product XY450U  for EPA and XY40EV for EEC...

    Data:2016-10-26    Clicks:839

  5. Kingdee KIS series management software trial run

    Company adopts Kingdee KIS series management software combines design,purchase, manufacture,accounting,sales and management together to share imformation and resource.At &n...

    Data:2016-10-20    Clicks:800

  6. XY40EV electric vehicle enters USA market , display together with Polaris, yamaha and other well-known brands

    XY40EV is sold together with the world well-known brands- Yamaha and Polaris...

    Data:2016-09-20    Clicks:826

  7. EPA and EEC are coming

    New products-XY450U and XY40EV have passed authority test andmet the requirements of EPA and EEC. At present, relevant certificates areapplying....

    Data:2016-10-10    Clicks:879

  8. the ceremony of sending mini fire trucks

    The new city economic zone of yancheng city jiangsu province held the ceremony of sending mini fire trucks to communities and villages in theafternoon of August 29, 2016.In...

    Data:2016-09-14    Clicks:813

  9. Taizhou nebula power co., LTD., fire patrol success of landing China fire network home page

             The first fire control cars of Taizhou Nebula Power Co., Ltd. were successfully sold to Zhejiang Heng Bo Co. ltd. and successfully lo...

    Data:2015-12-10    Clicks:1238

  10. News of Milan Italy exhibition in2015

    November 17, 2015 - November 22, Taizhou Nebula Power Co. Ltd. participated in the 73th Italy&nbs...

    Data:2015-11-05    Clicks:1219

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